High Security Restricted Key Locks

Can An Employee (or anyone else) Make A Duplicate Of Your Key? NOT With Our Restricted Key System!

High Quality Locksmith has a restricted key system that costs virtually the same as normal locks. The difference? They keys are tightly regulated, and are available only to licensed locksmiths who have a contract with the manufacturer. One CANNOT go anywhere and make a duplicate.

The keyways are unique. We keep the key blanks under lock and key here at our shop. When a key is made, it is stamped with a number, and the the key is registered in a log book as assigned to the owner. ONLY the owner (or person assigned by the owner) can have a copy of that particular key made.

And only WE can make it.

Yes, it is possible (although VERY unlikely) that another  locksmith will have the same key way. But as their log book won’t reflect the proper  information concerning the key’s registration number, they will not make the key.