We Are LOCAL, and we are REAL locksmith Company

It is ironic to mention such a characteristic of our company; however, it is important, and quite relevant. Quite a few of the locksmiths who advertise in Tallahassee are not locksmiths; they are merely middlemen from another city who own a web page. These middlemen take your call, and forward the job to other contractor who MAY or MAY not, be an actual locksmith. Regardless, these individuals are NOT licensed, NOT insured, and if you require warranty work, good luck!

High Quality Locksmith is a local Tallahassee locksmith, and although we travel far outside of town for some jobs, Tallahassee is our home. We stand behind our work, and we’ll be here tomorrow. And the next month. And the year after that.

Although we aren’t trying to get you to leave our site, we want to point out that at many of these competitor’s sites, the writing is not real. It’s broken English, mixed with keywords. And not just one site we checked: several. You want a locksmith to pay attention to details, and that includes information posted by his site, even if his site is a foreign middleman