Residential Locksmith

There are many types of residential locksmith work, and High Quality Locksmith of Tallahassee is well known for the work we do in this speciaLty.

One of the most important types of residential locksmith work is house rekeying. This process establishes a new key for the house, and renders other keys useless. This is important for new homebuyers, new tenants and persons having other security issues. A rekey gives the homeowner peace of mind, as no one has a key to the house anymore.

Another residential lock option is changing the locks by changing the actual hardware. If one does not like the color, finish, or condition of the current locks, he or she may choose to purchase new locks and hardwsare, and have this new equipment installed, replacing the old equipment. This is more expensive, and can be only slightly so or dramitically so, depending upon the type of equipment the customer wishes to purchase. Irrespective of the price, High Quality Locksmith can install any new equipment.