Our Credentials

High Quality Locksmith has truly separated itself from the competition. We have four main credentials that we want to share with you:

Members of ALOA


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ALOA is the acronym for Associated Locksmiths of America. ALOA is the most well known and prestigious organization in the locksmith and security industry. Although most people have never heard of ALOA, ALL locksmiths (the real ones, anyway) have heard of ALOA. ALOA has expanded to the largest and most influential Professional Locksmith Association in the world, and has subsequently changed it’s name to ALOA Security Professionals. ALOA is commonly used to refer to this now, international organization.

To become a member of ALOA, a locksmith must have 2 or more years service in the locksmith industry (which is verified), be sponsored for membership by another ALOA member, undergo a thorough background check, be subjected to a careful review of their business dealings and community reputation, and complete a probationary period of membership before becoming a full member. Convicted felons and others who have breached trust or fudiciary duties are excluded from membership.

Most locksmiths are not ALOA members. Given the aforementioned membership requirements, a locksmith’s membership, or lack thereof, is important, to say the least, especially since the locksmith industry is largely unregulated.

ALOA members are bonded. Most people don’t realize that becoming bonded is not that easy to do. When a locksmth is bonded, it usually means he or she is a member of a professional locksmith association such as ALOA; most insurance companies rarely offer bonding to locksmiths (again, this is because the locksmith industry is largely unregulated). ALOA has a special fund that covers crime victims up to $15,000 if an ALOA member uses their locksmith skills or knowledge to commit a crime; needless to say, ALOA is careful about whom they select for membership.

We are bonded by ALOA
Our Official Bond, issued by ALOA

High Quality Locksmith raises the bar of professionalism. We have acquired a second bond, raising our total bond amount to $30,000

We are bonded by ALOA
Our 2nd, Bond, issued by the National Locksmith Association

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Registed Vehicle Security Professional, National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF)

High Quality Locksmith is Registerd with NASTF for complete secure access to all autovie security data and key codes, and is able to work and exschange information directly with automotive manufacturers regarding all aspects of any vehicle made.

This registration requires regular criminal background checks and extensive insurance requirements and bonding. Technicians with this certification are regarded as the best in the industry.  NASTF is an intermediary between automotive mechanics, locksmiths, and the automotive manufacturers themselves.

      Member of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce

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High Quality Locksmith is a member of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. We are actively involved with and support our community.

We are real, and we are local. If you were to perform a Google search for “locksmith,” or “local locksmith,” etc., many of the so-called “locksmiths” that would show up as a result are out of town companies, usually operated by foreigners, who simply have a generic web page. They contract out their calls to unlicensed, uninsured, individuals on a 50/50 commission basis. They try to gouge you for as much money as possible, so that each side (the unlicensed contractor and the web page operator) is content with his 50% split. In no instance is anyone licensed, bonded, insured, certified, trained, or supervised. The risk is entirely upon you, the customer.

Not so with High Quality Locksmith! Our credentials, references and professional contacts speak for themselves.

                                                                    Member of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors

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High Quality Locksmith is a member of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors. We are well known in the industry as the premier locksmith company for residential concerns, and we are used extensively by Realtors, property managers, private investors and tenants for all relevant security issues. We are highly recommended, and our reputation in the industry is bar none. We work hard to keep it that way!

                                                                                                      Top Liability Insurance

All locksmiths state that they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Most are not. High Quality Locksmith maintains top grade liability insurance, and we will gladly produce documentation for your perusal, should you request. VERY FEW locksmiths can make this statement.

High Quality Locksmith is the ONLY locksmith company in Tallahassee with all of the above qualifications and credentials.