Commercial Locksmith

High Quality Locksmith is the locksmith in Tallahassee for commercial lock and hardware service,
including standard rekeying, installation of locks, door closures, access control equipment, code
locks, exit devices (aka “panic bars”) and other commercial hardware and locking devices.

We also sell and service restricted key systems. Restricted key systems are locks that have a
specific key pattern. Specific patterns are licensed to selected professional locksmithS (High Quality
has two different licenses for restricted key patterns). Business (or residences, for that matter)
can rest assured that no unauthorized keys for their locks exist, as it is impossible
(or at least extremely difficult) for an unauthorized person to make a copy of a restricted key.
Subsequently, the business owner has the additional assurance that an employee, terminated or otherwise
does not have an additional key copy.

Many businesses experience frequent employee “turnover.” High Quality Locksmith is the
“go-to” company for any commercial business need. If an employee is terminated at 10 pm, we can be
there, making new keys, at all.