Car Locksmith

High Quality Locksmith of Tallahassee provides the finest automotive keys for most makes and models of cars, and we do this at the best prices available.

There are three basic key types: 1) Standard key (with or without a transponder chip) 2) High Security (aka “lasercut, with or without a transponder chip) key,  and 3) proximity units (aka “fobs”). This last type usually has a small emergency key which is not normally used.  We have the best equipment and training to produce these three types of keys.

The two most expensive components regarding automotive keys are origination of a key (cutting the key when all other keys are lost) and programming of the key.

The ability to cut a key for a vehicle when there are no keys to copy from is the mark of an automotive locksmith. This process compares, in no way, to copying a key at the hardware store. The price difference between these two types of key cutting is substantial, and justified.

Most (but certainly not all) car keys contain a chip in the head of the key, called a transponder chip. The frequency of the chip must be programmed into the ECU (aka “brain”) in order for this key to be recognized and accepted by the vehicle immobilizer, thusly allowing the vehicle to start when the key is turned.  This chip has nothing to do with the remote control unit; the remote is an entirely separate component that is often added to the head of the key, making the key what is called a “remote head key.” In such circumstances, the remote electronics are next to the transponder chip. In most cases, the remote has to be programmed in addition to the transponder chip, and this may or may not be a separate process.