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Commercial Locksmith

High Quality Locksmith is considered one of the best commercial locksmith services in the area. We are expert locksmiths for office buildings, retail shopping centers, hotels, and other commercial installations. Our primary concerns are high quality, safety and value, as well as ensuring that your business is running smoothly

Below are just a few examples of commercial locksmith work we perform:

    • commercial locks and rekeys
    • mortis cyclinders
    • Exit devices (aka panic bars)
    • high security and restricted key systems


Restricted key systems in commercial settings merit additional mention. A restricted key is a special key that is made to fit a specific type of keyway. The pattern is licensed to specific locksmiths, or it is generally difficult to obtain. Consequently the key blanks are unavailable to the general public. Because the blanks cannot be readily obtained, it is impossible for a person to go to a hardware store and make a copy of their work key. As this is the case, if this person leaves employment, and turns in his issued key,  management can rest assurred that building security is not compromised.


Residential Locksmith

All locksmiths claim to be adept at residential locksmith work.


Like them, we also make that claim, although we can back it up. We are residential locksmith experts. We do re-key work, installations, surveys, and replacements. We also are master key experts, and can set up a master key system whereby specific keys can open specific locks, while other keys can open everything. Of course, the most typical configuration in a residential setting is for one key operating all locks.


We are the ONLY Tallahassee Locksmith who is a member of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors, as well as a member of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.