Commercial Locksmith

High Quality Locksmith is considered one of the best commercial locksmith services in the area. We are expert locksmiths for office buildings, retail shopping centers, hotels, and other commercial installations. Our primary concerns are high quality, safety and value, as well as ensuring that your business is running smoothly

Below are just a few examples of commercial locksmith work we perform:

    • commercial locks and rekeys
    • mortis cyclinders
    • Exit devices (aka panic bars)
    • high security and restricted key systems


Restricted key systems in commercial settings merit additional mention. A restricted key is a special key that is made to fit a specific type of keyway. The pattern is licensed to specific locksmiths, or it is generally difficult to obtain. Consequently the key blanks are unavailable to the general public. Because the blanks cannot be readily obtained, it is impossible for a person to go to a hardware store and make a copy of their work key. As this is the case, if this person leaves employment, and turns in his issued key,  management can rest assurred that building security is not compromised.


Residential Locksmith

All locksmiths claim to be adept at residential locksmith work.


Like them, we also make that claim, although we can back it up. We are residential locksmith experts. We do re-key work, installations, surveys, and replacements. We also are master key experts, and can set up a master key system whereby specific keys can open specific locks, while other keys can open everything. Of course, the most typical configuration in a residential setting is for one key operating all locks.


We are the ONLY Tallahassee Locksmith who is a member of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors, as well as a member of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.


Commercial Locks, Hardware & security equipment

High Quality Locksmith can take care of all commercial lock and hardware requirements.  We sell, service and install commercial door closers, exit devices, and commercial grade locks, in addition to our residential locks.

We Are LOCAL, and we are REAL locksmith Company

It seems strange to have to  mention such a characteristic of our company; however, it is important, and quite relevant. Quite a few of the locksmiths who advertise in Tallahassee are not local, and they are not locksmiths; they are merely middlemen from another somewhere else who own a web page. These middlemen take your call, and forward the job to another contractor who MAY or MAY not, be an actual locksmith. In no case are these “locksmiths” insured, bonded, or otherwise vetted to come into your house or car. There is no guarantee of them being available next month, much less tomorrow, if an issue should arise.

High Quality Locksmith is a local Tallahassee locksmith, and although we travel far outside of town for some jobs, Tallahassee is our home. We stand behind our work, and we’ll be here tomorrow. And the next month. And the year after that. Additionally, we have the CREDENTIALS to back our position. We have earned the confidence of many homeowners, commercial businesses as wqell as car owners and those requiring emergency services.


We want to point out that at the writing, the actual text, is incorrect. It’s broken English, mixed with keywords. This is true for many locksmith sites (try looking yourself, especially with the “paid ad” listings).You want a locksmith to pay attention to details, and that includes information posted by his site, even if his site is a foreign middleman (of course, it’s possible that the locksmith in question simply doesn’t know how to read or write very well, but is that an acceptable alternative?).

High Security Restricted Key Locks

Can An Employee (or anyone else) Make A Duplicate Of Your Key? NOT With Our Restricted Key System!

High Quality Locksmith has a restricted key system that costs virtually the same as normal locks. The difference? They keys are tightly regulated, and are available only to licensed locksmiths who have a contract with the manufacturer. One CANNOT go anywhere and make a duplicate.

The keyways are unique. We keep the key blanks under lock and key here at our shop. When a key is made, it is stamped with a number, and the the key is registered in a log book as assigned to the owner. ONLY the owner (or person assigned by the owner) can have a copy of that particular key made.

And only WE can make it.

Yes, it is possible (although VERY unlikely) that another  locksmith will have the same key way. But as their log book won’t reflect the proper  information concerning the key’s registration number, they will not make the key.

Employment With High Quality Locksmith

High Quality Locksmith is looking for qualified experienced locksmiths. We are especially interested in setting up commission based (contractor) arrangements with locksmiths who have extensive experience with automotive key making and also with commercial high security locks, safes, and exit devices.

The contractor must own his/her own tools (including transponder equipment and key blanks) and vehicle. Additionally, this individual must pass a background check and have community based references, as well as bona-fide, verifiable  experience as a locksmith.  Accreditation and training certificates are preferred but not mandatory.  Additionally, our contractors must present a polished, professional image, and convey same to our customers.

We do not presently offer training or apprenticeship programs.

This is not a full time employment opportunity;  assignments will only be given on an as needed basis, and there is no guarantee as to numbers of jobs  assigned during a given time period,  if any.  This opportunity is optimum for a person who is already a locksmith (employed or otherwise)  in Tallahassee, and wants to supplement his/her income with additional contract work.

Above average commission rates are guaranteed for automotive assignments.

If you are interested in this opportunity and meet the above qualifications, we want to hear from you. Drop us a note,  preferably with a resume  attached, to  This e-mail address is specifically for employment inquiries.  Please, NO phone calls; we’ll call you after getting your e-mail.  If you would rather not  send an e-mail, please write to:

High Quality Locksmith of Tallahassee, 3000 Windsor Way, Tallahassee, FL 32312