We Are LOCAL, and we are REAL locksmith Company

It seems strange to have to ┬ámention such a characteristic of our company; however, it is important, and quite relevant. Quite a few of the locksmiths who advertise in Tallahassee are not local, and they are not locksmiths; they are merely middlemen from another somewhere else who own a web page. These middlemen take your call, and forward the job to another contractor who MAY or MAY not, be an actual locksmith. In no case are these “locksmiths” insured, bonded, or otherwise vetted to come into your house or car. There is no guarantee of them being available next month, much less tomorrow, if an issue should arise.

High Quality Locksmith is a local Tallahassee locksmith, and although we travel far outside of town for some jobs, Tallahassee is our home. We stand behind our work, and we’ll be here tomorrow. And the next month. And the year after that. Additionally, we have the CREDENTIALS to back our position. We have earned the confidence of many homeowners, commercial businesses as wqell as car owners and those requiring emergency services.


We want to point out that at the writing, the actual text, is incorrect. It’s broken English, mixed with keywords. This is true for many locksmith sites (try looking yourself, especially with the “paid ad” listings).You want a locksmith to pay attention to details, and that includes information posted by his site, even if his site is a foreign middleman (of course, it’s possible that the locksmith in question simply doesn’t know how to read or write very well, but is that an acceptable alternative?).