We Strive For Perfection

Locksmithing is a business that requires careful attention to detail, as well as true competency attained only through  skill and experience. At High Quality Locksmith our technicians are trained, certified professionals who share a common goal of  perfect, quality work for our customers.  We spare no effort or expense in ensuring that our work is the best.

But perfection is only one thing.  Perfection at a good price is the standard to which we adhere. Our prices are competitive, to say the least:  99% of the time (especially regarding  automotive and residential lockout services) our prices beat the prices of our competition.  Call us. You’ll be glad you did!

        24 Hour Service


We Are Ready When You Need Us


Getting locked out of anything, especially your vehicle, place of business,  or  residence,  is always a major inconvenience. Inevitably this happens at the worst possible time. We at High Quality Locksmith are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to rapidly assist you when you need it.

Need to change the locks at 3 am? Locked out of your car on New Year’s Eve? Doing some catch up work at the office on Sunday morning and lock your keys in the filing cabinet? We’ll be there. Just remember this number: 850-980-2708.

Professional Locksmiths, DISCOUNT rates.

Your best interests are our number one priority. You can rest assured that High Quality Locksmith will do the best work for you, at the best possible price. Your protection and safety is important. Our personnel carry official company issued identification, and wear our company shirt. Our vehicles bear our logo and contact information.  We maintain top quality liability insurance, and will present our insurance documents to you upon request. Always insist upon these standards when using a locksmith. Additionally, High Quality is BONDED; something that is NOT TRUE for most locksmiths in Tallahassee.

High Quality Locksmith specializes in residential and commercial lock service, sales and installation, as well as automotive keys, fob programming, and provides an array of 24 hour emergency services.

We are the only locksmith company in Tallahassee who is a member of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors and the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce!  High Quality  is 1 of VERY few professional  registered with ALOA Security Professionals, Inc., the premier international locksmith association on the planet. Moreover, we are registered as Vehicle Security Professsionals with NASTF (National Autovomotive Service Task Force).

Our rates are the best in town! We are the only company in town that start with a low day time rate, and adjust it according to the time of day. Our service calls are $49 from 9 am until 6 pm, and then $54 from 6  until 9 pm, $65 from 9-12, and $65-85 after midnight (depending upon various factors).  Compared to our competition, even our highest rate is low.  We invite you to compare.


Who has your keys? We are REKEY specialists.

We Are Rekey Specialists.

When you move in to your house or apartment, the first thing you should do is make sure the locks have been changed. The previous occupants almost certainly have a copy of your key. Even if all of the keys were given to you, it is possible that additional copies were made for friends, associates, boyfriends, girlfriends, whomever.

You should not take a chance with you or your loved one’s personal security.

    What Is Rekeying? Is It The Same As Buying New Locks?

Rekeying is the process of changing the “combination” of a keyed lock.  A new key is assigned to the lock, and the pins are changed so that the new key operates it. The old key no longer works. The locks are essentially “new.”

Rekeying is cheaper and significantly faster than buying new locks. Unless the present locks are damaged, there is no need to replace them. A qualified locksmith can change your locks quickly, and can match the key to all of the other locks at your house so that the same key can operate all of them.

Expert Automotive Locksmiths

We are also the foremost automotive key experts in the area. We make and
program transponder keys, high security keys, and wireless proximity remotes, too.